LLE Dohfiles

Origin: CS
Background: During a game, the players decided on knife only.  A couple rounds in a row, we get owned by some fool who's still shooting.  He doesn't get kicked.  We nade him in the next round, we get kicked.
Dry Cell
Origin: Guild Wars
Background: We grabbed random people for a mission.  One of our party members seemed like he didn't do anything but die.  I was already quite irritated that I had to switch my mesmer/monk to healing mode for this mission... seeing Dry Cell be useless as he was and take a share of the items and gold was too much for me.  I swore to never take people on missions ever again.  Henchmen are way more useful.
Kaos Barb
Origin: D2
Background: So we have our trapassin/necro team cruising in a duel/pk game, and this barb shows up, apparently in a clan called Kaos.  Although I don't remember the details, he was much higher level than us.  One moment I remember as though it was yesterday.  We had him trapped in a bone prison/mind blast, while I pounded him with bone spirits.  He was unable to do anything, and when his life became dangerously low, he left the game.  What surprised us was that he came back seconds later, to announce his victory.  While he was proudly claiming his 25-0 record, we sat there in awe, wondering what he was smoking.
Origin: NS
Background: [Lain] Perhaps the most obnoxious person we've ever come across.  You'd think nothing of him until you were on his team.  Then you'd hear nothing but complaints about his teammates on voice comm.

[Rogue] Ah Seabass what to say, well first off Lains right on with the description and he was without doubt one of my two least favorite people I encountered in Natural selection along with some other guy named Whodathunkit which could have been Seabass under a different name they had almost identical personalities. Personally I think his name should have been SeaASS, but hey he gave us some good audio logs so it just goes to show even a teammate as worthless as Seabass was good for something.