LLE Glossary


Acronyms used throughout the site:

D2: Diablo II
NS: Natural Selection (HalfLife mod)
GW: Guild Wars
GB: Gunbound
DotA: Defense of the Ancients: a Warcraft 3 mod.



Origin: D2 ZyEl mod runeword.  All we had was a long list of runewords--what they were called and what the recipe was.  We decided to try the one named "doh".  It turned out to be doh indeed, since we couldn't tell if it added anything other than the simple rune bonuses, which was like, 25% mana regen and light radius.


Origin: (see the Dohfiles)


Anything that just stands there and doesn't attack.

Origin: D2, I don't remember which mod.  There were new enemies called Grendels, that looked like werewolves.  It seemed like all they did was run up to you and stand there... and die.


A grendel-like state induced upon an enemy due to a spell or other source of confusion.