LLE History


The LLE, Lain's Legendary Enforcers, was formed in November 2003 as a 2-man clan in Diablo II.  The first team was a hammerdin/whirlassin.  Later, our trapassin/bone necro team had a lot of fun in public duel games.  Highlights included utilizing the Bone Prison -> Mind Blast -> Bone Spirit combo, and the Lower Resist -> Lvl 30 Lightning Sentry combo.  Trapping the Act1 town exit was awesome, too, especially when people would walk out and die 20 times (apparently not learning their lesson).  Taking down a lvl 99 zon at lvl 42 was pretty cool, too.  (Yeah, it was 2v1, but hey, our combined levels were still lower than hers.)

In December 2003, we picked up our third member, and proceeded to create other dueling teams, such as the Zon Squad (exactly as it sounds--3 zons with at least 2 windforces.)

February 2004 was the beginning of the NS (Natural Selection) days, which was the biggest the LLE has officially been.  The NS clan was officially created in April 2004 and the first clan match took place on May 16, 2004, with MpH.  NS was also great for the sounds we sent over voice comm.  We grabbed short dialog clips from Soul Calibur II, Diablo II, C&C Red Alert, and anything else we could find.  Then, we formed our elaborate setups involving laptops, and in some cases, enough audio cables floating everywhere to strangle you.  In the audio logs, you'll hear some of the best we did and the responses we got from other players

The LLE moved on over to Guild Wars in early 2005, with guild formation taking place during the beta weekends.

Starting in June 2005, the LLE had a short run in Gunbound.

January 2006 began the LLE's ownage in DotA.