LLE Official Site




Welcome to the official site of the LLE, Lain's Legendary Enforcers.

A quick explanation of what's here (or what will eventually be here):

History.  A brief history of the LLE's official presence.
.  Defined are the terms that we have adopted.
The Dohfiles
.  Our name for "profiles", lists the various people we've encountered through the years of gaming.
Active Campaigns
.  Current games that the LLE is active in, including info on joining, should you wish to be a part of the LLE.
Audio Logs
.  Much of the communication during gaming is recorded for the laughs later.  Various clips are posted here to highlight the greatest moments of the LLE: funny, stupid, or just plain ownage.
Video Logs
.  Same as audio logs, with the inclusion of video recording of the computer screen.
.  List of members, past and current, of the LLE, with profiles.


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v1 of the new audio log list is now up.  Along the way, things got increasingly difficult and I got increasingly lazy, so it'll stay simple for now.  No sorting options or search capabilities yet, but it will auto sort by last updated date, newest first, and break it up into 10 per page.  In testing, the page would load slow at times, due to the server, so please be patient.  Oh, and the DNS may not have propagated everywhere yet, so if you get errors like 'address not found', just wait a day or two.



Forum is up.  Click the link to the left.

New audio log list (which looks pretty much the same) is almost ready to go live.  As soon as it does, additions to the list should start flying.



More hosting has been acquired, which means the following:

  • A new, database-driven audio log list is currently in development, allowing for sorting and other convenient stuff.
  • More space, so the one video log we currently have for Gunbound will be posted as soon as it clears the approval process.
  • An in-house phpBB forum for all to use.  Link will be posted once it is set up.



I'm finally starting to add content to the site.  I figure the design can wait... I'm not a web designer, so please bear with the simple layout for now.

I just thought I'd mention... I got the domain registered and 100 megs web hosting for this site and I'm paying essentially nothing for it.  Find out how by joining the eProfit Team.